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Cumbercupcake: Happy 450th Birthday Shakespeare, here’s Hamletbatch for you to celebrate :D

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

You know just by looking at these pictures from the set how impressive he will be in this film. Look at the body language, the way he walks, the way his face looks like belonging to a totally different person. He did it again. He’s the only actor I know who can do that: total, radical transformation. He has no need for make up or bulking up or false teeth really. All he needs is willpower, this empathy that he has for other people, and this uber intellect as an actor that makes him so unique.

You just know that he will break your heart as Turing. This is what this man is about, and I’m saying that as a fellow actress… Pure, honest, genius acting. Never forget that.

this film, this man, is going to destroy me, i just know it.

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Cumbercupcake: Charity Auction for BC Belstaff coat is now live

As always, you made it sooo beautifully pei sodelightfully

Aww thanks a lot dear :DDD

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Cumbercupcake: Charity Auction for BC Belstaff coat is now live

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Cumbercupcakes: Post-oz comic con

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Oz Comic Con (2014)


Oz Comic Con (2014)

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The Graham Norton Show S14E01


Reblogging this again because he is ruining my life

Reblogging because he makes the best face when he laughs and smiles. It’s contagious. 

Your smile made my day B

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Benedict Cumberbatch in Sydney Oz Comic Con Saturday 04/12/2014 via Janet Fong